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There is no greater feeling than providing for both your community and the world. We believe that God has called us as the people of God to go and serve, to be Sent as representatives of God by caring for those in need. God has blessed our small congregation with the opportunity to provide resources to help spread God's love and mercy through several organizations. Please check out the project websites by clicking on the picure to the right!


Water Mission
Based out of South Carolina, Water Mission aims to provide safe, clean water to communities in desperate need across the globe. On top of providing this necessary resource, Water Mission aims to do so in a way that is efficient, environmentally-friendly, and that empowers local communities and leaders. Our goal is to raise money to provide 50 people with clean water they might not otherwise have. Find out more by clicking the logo to the right.


What an amazing opportunity to help children in need. These children need help with clothes, food, medical expenses, and extra curicular activities. these children are orphans of Tijuana, Mexico. We have a deep connection with this orphanage; we have a member of our church who is connected with them and has gone down to help with the orphanage. 
Since San Diego is considered a military town, God placed on our hearts to work with homeless veterans and provide them with the key essentials they would need to feel comfortable in their situation. The backpack consisted of: the backpack, sleeping bag, a tarp, and various items to help keep them warm.
Rachel's Womens Center is part of the Catholic Charities Diocese of San Diego (CCDSD). They believe in improving the quality of life through a healthy, faithful, and contributing society. By working with the Rachel's Womens Center, we were able to provide underprivileged women with the essential necessities to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
In the US, we are fortunate enough to receive medical supplies for our various ailments. Free Wheelchair Mission helps provide makeshift wheelchairs out of materials that are affordable and available to them. With weekly donations and an Open Mic, we raised money for over 30 wheelchairs.
Plant with Purpose is a local nonprofit that helps plant trees in developing nations, providing food and jobs to people as well as helping the environment. At $1 a tree, we raised enough money to plant 1000 trees. This project didn't just provide a gift to a needy nation, it provided a possible answer to the economical hardships that plague the world around us.
The Living Water Project is a non-profit organization that wants to provide clean and accessible water to improve living conditions for people in the world through the act of kindness and mercy of Christ. Since this was our first mission project, we wanted to show the love that Jesus showed for his community. By being able to provide for other people, we thought this would be a good way to start off the beginning of our service.
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