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Sundays at 6:30pm @ 1675 Garnet Avenue

Our Sunday night worship service is a time to gather in praise and prayer with everyone in our Roots community. Our service includes times for singing, fellowship and prayer, a thoughtful sermon, and regular communion. Weather permitting, our service takes place on the patio to take advantage of gorgeous San Diego climate!

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Thursdays at 7pm @ The Tap Room
Do you want to talk God? This is the place to do it! Members of Roots community meet at The Tap Room every Thursday at 7pm to talk about a topic related to theology and life. Don't feel embarrassed if you're a new believer. This is a place characterized by amateurs. Our goal is to figure out how to do theology - to talk about and attempt to understand God - in the midst of a confusing world, while still embracing the secular world.
You do not have to be 21 to join us; nor do you have to drink. You don't need a PhD or even know what Theology is. We make sure that our entire congregation is able to join us and enjoy this event. 
*Currently on Hiatus*

We believe that as disciples of Christ, we have an obligation to serve both the local and the worldwide community. Because of this, we go down to the heart of Pacific Beach on the first Friday night of every month at 11:30pm to hand out water bottles to people leaving the clubs.  It's always a super fun time, and everyone loves getting free water. There's no judgment involved... just a desire to be a positive influence for Christ. If you want to join us, just come to the church parking lot at 11:30pm and we will go down together! To make sure that we'll be there, you can always join our facebook page to get weekly updates on event.


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